Baninduaien kantatzera (I am going to sing): technological folk show

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      • Low Riders banda: Forgive your ennemies (2016)
    • Frank Blackfield: Still free ‘n Rockin’ (2020) Love & Loneliness (2018) We gotta move on (2017)

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About this project

Technology-Electronic: rejuvenation of Folklore with new technologies.

Needs Material Minimum Optimum
A computer
For workin efficiently with all the data. Features: CPU: intel core i7 Grafika: 4GB GDDR6 RAM-a: 16GB DDR4 Disko Gogorra: 1TB SSD Irteerak: Thunderbolt 3/HDMI
€ 3.000
Avleton Live 11
Audio edition programme.
€ 599
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 3rd Gen
€ 375
Derivative Touch Designer (Commercial Licence)
Programme for visuals.
€ 510
Shure Beta 57 A
Mic for singing
€ 133
Needs Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
A moth, 40 hours a week.
€ 1.000
Charges and expenses over the minimum
Over the minimum: Goteo %5 + Bank %0,8.
€ 339
Band's percentaje + shipping costs (10Cds+10Vinils)
€ 350
Salary, 2nd round
For working for 5 months, 30 hours a week.
€ 4.300
Charges and expenses over the optimal
Over the optimal: Goteo %5 + Bank %0,8.
€ 636
Band's percentaje + shipping costs (10Cds+10Vinils)
€ 350
Total € 6.173 € 11.592

General information

As with Joxan Artze, the goal of this project is to rejuvenate the old: «I drink from the old source, / the new water/ a water that it is always new/ from the lifelong old source.»

This proposal is an entire electronic and digital adaptation of the Basque folklore, using today’s technology to create an audio-visual presentation. By that we mean: music played live along with a projection.

Although at first the songs will be original material the proposal is to do an electronic session, from start to finish with various scenes illustrating the songs.

There are many interpretations of «old sources»: Maria de Azkue’s popular version, various artists’recordings (Oskorri, Amaia Zubiria…)

And some of the «new sources»:Mercedes Peón, Rodrigro Cuevas, Vicente Navarro, Pirámida, Nosaj Thing's, Flying Lotus, Punto y Raya Festival, Matmos, Binkbeats, Sakura Tsuruta, Gesamtkunstwerk (R.Wagner), etc.

Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign

The MAIN GOAL are:

1- Honor the artist’s work with integrity
2- Actualize the Basque Folklore so it reaches a bigger audience, beyond the «folklorism».
3- Use new digital technology: computors, data analysis, etc.
4- Give women a place for their creativity.


Traditional instruments such as guitars, drums, tambourin, piano, flute and so on will not be used. Everything will be done digitally.
To recreate these traditional instruments we first must produce the sounds and notes keeping the option of playing them. For this we need:

1- A computer

2- A sound card to process the audio and also using microphones and speakers. In this particular case, the mic to sing and the concert hall’s sound system.

3- Ableton to edit the audio and carry various tasks:
a- Enter all the instruments that will be played. This can be done previously with MIDI.
b- Record what has been played. Some songs need to be recorded.
c- Change the signals live: for example put in or take out effects to the voice.

4- MIDI controller: is a tool that used to play the sounds programmed.

Once mastered the digital, we will add abstract images that will be complementary to the songs in a poetic manner. To create the images we need:

a- A computer

b- Touch Designer program (TD).
This program enables us to enter all types of data and do other types of changes to send more data: projections, robot control, sounds, lights and so on. Here, Ableton will send audio & MIDI signals to TD to create abstract images. All this can be programmed to do sort of a Karaoke but the goal is to play live as much as possible, looking for a human-machine interaction.


To rejuvenate the old and reach a larger audience with the tradicional cultures and learn to respect differences, all together.

In this globalized world, what makes us unique is to be Basques. We can’t forget we live in 2021 and our times have also their positive points. We are a fusion between what was and what is.

What is Basque culture nowadays? The intent of modernizing our folklore is to bring back our roots in the present society.


Taking various steps:

1- Investigating
Looking for songs, music charts and records

2- Recordings, interpretations and arrangements.
With Ableton, the sound card and proper mics.

3- Create the corresponding visuals for each song.
With TD and MIDI/audio singnals.

4- Syncronisation:
Joining both programs to guaranty changings in Data and that the sound creates the images.
My intent is to play live as much as possible and to do this we must use Ableton and TD as well. Both programs have to work in harmony. Ableton will send the information to TD to create and change the visual.

5- Scenery:
We must adapt the performance to the venue.
Today, using MAPPING technology we can project on any surface whatever size or shape. Things are different if we’re looking for a specific effect, like being in a planetarium.

6- Training:
The goal being clear, we must learn every aspect of the process correctly. Harmony and composition, editing, proper use of equipement, creating a work adapted to the needs and so on.


In order to be able to work efficiently, money (a salary) is needed. Most artists have to hold a job to make a living. Creativity is affected and professionalism made difficult.

It’s time to stop with the saying «In Euskadi Rock & Roll doesn’t pay but it is going to be happier than anywhere else»

Why this is important

Antuxuna is a contemporary basque artist. She’s motivated by new technologies and wants more understanding of the Basque culture. She wants to introduce «Technological Folklore» going beyond the esthetic and the rigidity of the institutionalized folklore.

«Tech folklore» isn’t Disco but only the use of digital equipement.

The presentation with no break will make us travel into space going through various ambiances.

It is aimed at anyone or any organization:
1- Those who consider artists as real workers.
2- Those who look for a different point of view about traditional culture.
3- Those who love new technologies.
4- Those who outside concerts and videoclips want a new experience.**

img-ableton.jpg img-td.jpg

Team and experience

Nagore Etxabe got started in the world of music graduating from the «Beaux Arts» and doing a Master in INCREARTE in 2013. From then on she performed 80 to 100 times a year and appeared in various recording projects.

As a drummer she played in a number of bands: Ezten Giro Erromeri Taldea, Gugaz Erromeria, Hemengattun erromeria, Zurartean Txalaparta Elkartea, Bidebietako Gaiteroak, Syrah, Perlak, Urko Menaia, Low Riders Banda, Frank Blackfield Band, Joseba B. Lenoir, Rafa Berrio, Makulu Ken y Mairu, for saing.

She also create and lead her own solo projects («Nago ta Ni «and «Antuxuna») and a duo one (Antuxuna ta Patx: Itoizezank) for learning another music making aspects, beyond the drums.

Staying involved in «the Beaux Arts» she took part in almost all the editions of the international abstract animation film festival «Punto y Raya Festival» and lead a few videoclip projects: Olatu (Perlak), Emakume Kuantikoa (Perlak), Berandu da (Antuxuna ta Patx), Freedom (Frank Blackfield Band), etc.

In this project music and visual will go hand in hand and Antuxuna will fusion different facets of Art like works of R. Wagner in «Gesamtkunswerk», music being the center of it all.

nagore-003-fuzz-in-the-city-joseba-b-lenoir-9ii18- img-zuhaitza.jpg aurrekotaldeak.jpeg

Social commitment

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Gender Equality

    Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth

    Sustainable economic growth will require societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs.