Goteo #285: "The goal is not to imagine the future, the goal is to make better decisions."

💭 The revolutionaries bequeathed to us the idea that dreaming is essential, but only if we believe in those dreams and are committed to making them come true. However, when we talk about the future, action is often relegated to the background, waiting for that future to arrive on its own. That is why, instead of talking about a single, immovable future, we propose to sow desirable futures 🌱, recognising the plurality of possibilities that are open to us.

🤝 There are possible, plausible, probable... and desirable futures. The latter are the ones that really matter to us, those that each community chooses as desirable and appropriate, taking into account its specific needs and objectives.

✊🏽 The projects presented in this bulletin are framed in the construction of desirable futures for all. Their value lies in the fact that they not only imagine them, but also make the best decision for them to grow and become the now.

Reviu. Flat review portal

🤩 Can you imagine an online platform where you could share flat reviews? It's already happening! Reviu is a project that aims to tackle the opacity of the real estate market, promoting transparency and offering detailed information about the quality of the property, the treatment received by the real estate agency or the owner, and the conditions of the community of neighbours.

😡 We are tired of real estate speculation and abuses in rented housing, that is why Reviu is developed by the Urban Research Institute of Barcelona (IDRA), with a multidisciplinary team committed to research, intervention in the field of housing and software development.

⚖️ If you also believe in fair and equal access to housing, don't hesitate to participate in the project, you can see all the rewards they offer here:

Let's consolidate the Foodcoop!

🤗 Since its opening in 2022, Foodcoop has established itself as the first cooperative and participatory supermarket in Barcelona, with a clear commitment to more sustainable food consumption, focusing on product quality, waste reduction and respect for the land and those who work it.

🎯 With this campaign, Foodcoop seeks to guarantee the economic viability of the project, incorporating new actions to improve the supermarket, such as opening it to the general public, implementing the online shop and home delivery.

👉🏼 To achieve all these objectives, it is necessary to cover at least four months of expenses for the premises and supplies. You can collaborate directly here:

Let's protect our forests

🧐 Who pays the consequences of evading environmental regulations? The Arabako Mendiak Aske campaign aims to pay the legal costs after the rejection of the allegations presented against the construction of two wind power plant projects in areas of high ecological value.

🌱 The objectives of the campaign include promoting the defence of the environment and biodiversity, raising awareness of the importance of the transition to more sustainable energy sources, and raising awareness of the need for a radical change in Europe's energy system.

🗣 That is why they are asking for your help, as well as all the groups related to the environment and those people with sensitivity and concern for nature. To collaborate in the conservation of this area in the Basque mountains of enormous environmental value, you can do so through

And you?

😙 Do you think crowdfunding is not sufficiently known in your community or organisation? Support us so that we can continue to spread our knowledge to initiatives that need funding and give a major boost to their digital transition.

🙌 Choose the reward in our campaign #FollowUsCurrent and you can request a 2-hour digital session to introduce crowdfunding to your community.

See you in the next newsletter! 😜

This is as far as we have got. We hope this newsletter has encouraged you to keep walking towards the society of all and for all that we are gradually approaching. See you next time!

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Our projects

Consolidem la Foodcoop! Consolidem la Foodcoop!

By: Foodcoop BCN

Citizen participation

L’alternativa de consum alimentari que respecta la terra i les persones

€ 13.965 received

26 days Remaining

¡Protejamos nuestros montes! ¡Protejamos nuestros montes!

By: Arabako Mendiak Aske

Energy and sustainability

Ayúdanos a financiar la judicialización de los proyectos de construcción de las centrales eólicas de Azazeta y Laminoria.

€ 8.633 received

27 days Remaining

Reviu. Portal de ressenyes sobre pisos Reviu. Portal de ressenyes sobre pisos

By: Institut de Recerca Urbana de Barcelona (IDRA)

Citizen participation

Opinions de pisos reals

€ 15.175 received

18 days Remaining



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